Yuvraj Verma

Yuvraj Verma 

 Specialist teacher and coding coach at Growing Up Green Charter School II

 Hi!I'm Yuvraj Verma

the Doctoral Student  

Current Role and Responsibilities:

Yuvraj Verma is a learning specialist teacher and coding coach at Growing Up Green Charter School II, and he is also pursuing a PhD at William Howard Taft University. Verma has taught kindergarten and fifth grade before becoming a learning specialist. Verma's employment as a learning specialist allows him to work with students to ensure that appropriate help is provided to suit their educational needs. Verma is delighted to assist kids who are new to coding because he feels they will be able to use their coding talents in other aspects of their lives.

Verma acknowledges the need of remaining adaptable and working within the limits of the existing educational system as a teacher. Yuvraj Verma, like many others in the United States, has had to make the transition to educating students electronically, and he has embraced the challenge by creating new teaching methods that keep students engaged from afar.


Yuvraj Verma opted to extend his study after finishing his undergraduate degree. He decided to pursue his PhD in technology and leadership at William Howard Taft University. Verma understands how being a leader in his school can assist his students and coworkers, and how understanding the newest in technology can help him transmit knowledge to pupils that will help them achieve in their future schooling and professions.

Recognition and Awards:

Yuvraj Verma received a 50% scholarship from William Howard Taft University's Roger J Duthoy Scholarship Program. When he received the prize, Verma expressed his excitement at the opportunity to guide children and teach them about technology, citing the importance of technological skills in today's increasingly digital world.